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“Everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are.” – Patrick Rothfuss, “The Name of the Wind”

I think that each of the stories you have been reading until now starts from the very beginning (that is obvious, but not in every case). Same goes for me. This is a story of Fantasy Crank, so please read it carefully despite lots of words.

Early Years:

I had a beautiful childhood. I really had everything a kid like me should have at that time, despite some objections that every boy has in its early life. I was around eight when my adventure with fantasy genre started. While i was still in the primary school i found a book that i continuously like to a great extent. It was a “With a Single Spell” by Lawrence Watt-Evans. It has shaped me and built the fundaments that made me develop the need of adventure and since i lived few hundred meters from a very old, tiny castle ruins, it did give me the thrill of first “fantasy” experience in my life based on Watt-Evans book.

Fantasy Crank 1

Teenage years:

At the age of nineteen i started to live on my own, but it did not stopped me from devouring fantasy books, starting from “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling, through “Lord of the Rings” by J.R.R Tolkien, to even more complex series such as “Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. I do regret some of my time spent with horrible titles and authors which names i will not spoil here. Why? Cause I’m subjective and this is only my opinion. You all might have loved it and i don’t want to take your fun. All of us back then played WoW or other MMOs. Cause why not?

Fantasy Crank 2

Current life:

The story is entering some deeper and a little darker waters now. I’m not looking for your pity or attention. I could hide that fact, but as i stated in the very first paragraph I’m telling you my story. Short, but the only real one. Right before i did learn that i will become a father I have found out a tumor next to my kidney. I had a surgery and the tumor was cut off completely. It was a strong downhill but i managed to stand up and raise my head. At that time i have been reading the “Name of the wind” by Patrick Rothfuss. I managed to end the second book by the day 0. It has literally calmed me down. All of the noises in my head just stopped. Thank you, Pat.

Fantasy Crank 3

All of this had its place in early 2018. Currently, I’m around the thirties and I’m still looking for adventures that i can attend in the fantasy realms. I’m a father of a marvelous daughter, which smile is melting my heart every day. I do love my wife and i know she loves me to the extends i could not imagine before. I wish you all the same.

Why im here?

Quickly summing up (before you will get bored), those experiences motivated me to start a small blog about my passion. I’m a reader, a reviewer, a husband and father (hopefully good), the fantasy addict and eager explorer. I’m a Fantasy Crank. If you don’t want to be here, just go somewhere else.

What it is here for you if you stay? Join my newsletter list and i will be very happy to notify you once i post any content. I hope you will find a place somewhere near and be active with comments while i will try to impress you with my thoughts and maybe educate with some facts. Maybe.

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