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Each of you must have heard of Kindle e-readers that are made and distributed by Amazon through their platform. Not too long ago I had one of those devices and was pretty satisfied with it. Unfortunately, I have flooded it and then reverted to mobile apps since I always carry a phone with me. Should I try to help you find the best Kindle device? The question is whether you need it or not?

Kindle and your eyes:

You have to consider the whole idea of reading books on the screen. I understand that in a world full of electronic devices it is only a matter of time that such products will displace the need for paper copy. In my opinion, it’s leading to a bad habit of digitization and paperback book is still number one. Look back in your life and tell me that you were not satisfied with the smell and rustling pages of a new book.

Don’t believe people who are telling you: Even the best Kindle will affect your eyes negatively! In some way – yes – but there is no difference between reading a book normally and through devices similar to Kindle. The main rule to not destroy your sight while reading is the proper distance from the screen and often breaks. I do usually make intervals of 15 minutes for each hour of reading. A good method is the dispersion of sight by looking at randomly positioned to you objects and expansion of the eye’s focus area from time to time.

Back to the subject:

All of you have different demands. I will not go deeper into the specification, pros or cons. It’s time to ask yourself two questions: Are you convinced that you need such device? Will you use it every day wherever you go? If Your answer to both questions was “Yes” the last thing is to compare the current offer:

Kindle Comparison

What I would buy:

The best Kindle choice is usually the most obvious one. I would choose Kindle Paperwhite. Why? Cause it has the proper light source and good battery life. Price in an overall calculation is pretty good. You can also buy it in two colors. I would not buy white since I don’t like it, but it’s only me. You can pick whichever you want.

Thanks for a read!

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