Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan

I know that lately you might have thought I was writing only in superlatives. That’s not true. There are some series that were completely and utterly dense and there will be time to write about them. For now, i have decided to present you a short review of the “Black Magician” trilogy by Trudi Canavan which consist of three books: “The Magicians Guild”, “The Novice” and “The High Lord”. I hope you will enjoy.


If we don’t know where to start, we need to start from the beginning. Imardin is the capital of a powerful kingdom, in which the great magicians watch over the king and its legions. According to the universally binding law, all people who are given the gift of using power are gathered in the Mages Guild. It is known that if you want to do the magic, you can become a member of the guild or else you need to die. At the start, we are located in the events where everything indicates the stable situation and nothing can change it. And yet, during a fairly routine display of magical power, in the meantime of the purification of the city from beggars and poor, something extraordinary happens. A tiny, slim girl throws a stone that unexpectedly pierces the magic shield and almost kills one of the magicians.

Black Magician fight

Series Insight

I must admit that initially, i had some doubts about Black Magician trilogy. Up to that time in my life, I have read a lot about guilds and mages because this is not a revealing subject, right? The first few hundred pages did not change my “basic”, reluctant attitude. Fortunately, it was getting more interesting after each next chapter and finally, at some point, I realized with great surprise that the trilogy was over. I rarely fall into the story as imperceptibly, and if it happens to me, it has to be more epic.

In regard to a handful of the heroes that you meet in the Black Magician realm, they present an interesting cross-section of the figures: there are plenty of bad guys and those who have good intentions but bad results. Of course, these are not too deep and overloaded portraits of psychology, but they also are not blown with improvisation. In this subject, you can not have objections. Schematic characters – because we can not get away from it – are moderate and do not bother you while reading. In principle, each of the most important pieces on the board has its own distinctive trait that gives it individual features. One of the most important characters in the book is (not surprisingly) MAGIC, although it does not exist in a personified form it is influencing the events and the development of the characters. The way it is presented is also quite revealing, though without revolutionary features.

As I mentioned, initially the story does not drops you on your knees in the first part, but later surprises with great design. There is no lack of logic and consistency. Nothing is “falling apart”, the whole thing is sticking together, and, above all, it is just very interesting. The author skillfully doses adrenaline, avoids long-term dangers and does not fall into the trap of too long and tiring action. All this makes it very easy to forget while reading and lose an unnoticeable few hours of life. Though, let’s face it honestly, these are not exactly lost hours, because the series is a good piece of reading.

Black Magician Sahaka

Time to sum up

Black Magician trilogy was very well written. Trudi Canavan picks up the important subjects and injects it into the books. As for example social exclusion, intolerance, poverty, tense political relations, wars – all events presented in books can be found in our reality in a certain way. That’s why I like this series so much – apart from magic, I feel that it could really happen. I’m not very sensitive but i remember that back then just after finishing the trilogy i was about to cry. Trudi, you really moved me with this story. That’s not an easy task and you should be proud of it. In overall i would reccomend the series although it is designated for younger audience to its polite language.

Thanks for a read!

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