Cinda Williams Chima

Cinda Williams Chima was one of the authors that i “met” during my endless hours of devouring new fantasy books. Cinda’s writing was very appealing and has encouraged me to quickly read through the cycle of The Seven Realms. She might not be a winner of a lot of awards, but there should be more authors that are capable of creating such magnificent realms. Her two remaining cycles are among my list of books to be read in near future. If you were ever wondering about getting her books you should quickly grab your own copies.


Cinda Williams Chima was born in 1952 Springfield, Ohio, USA. She received her master’s degree in nutrition from Case Western Reserve University in 1984. Chima worked as a dietician and she gave lectures at Universities. After many years Cinda became a full-time writer of fantasy for young adults. Williams currently lives in Ohio with her family.


The Heir Chronicles:
The Warrior Heir (2006)
The Wizard Heir (2007)
The Dragon Heir (2008)
The Enchanter Heir (2013)
The Sorcerer Heir (2014)

The Seven Realms:
The Demon King (2009)
The Exiled Queen (2010)
The Gray Wolf Throne (2011)
The Crimson Crown (2012)

The Shattered Realms:
Flamecaster (2016)
Shadowcaster (2017)
Stormcaster (2018)


Buckeye Children’s Book Award – Teen (2011)

Famous Quote:

“Nobody’s going to hand you anything. You don’t get what you don’t go after.”

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