Star Wars is a Fantasy?

Were you ever wondering whether Star Wars cycle is a Fantasy genre or Sci-Fi? Recently i have spoken with my friends about it. I did not put much thought in the discussion since i know my ground. In my opinion you already know the answer for yourself. Just because something is set in space does not make it sci-fi. Here is why i think so.

1. The Force!
 Star Wars

Firstly i would want to bring you the definition of magic in very simple words: “Magic is the power of influencing yourself and/or environment by using supernatural or mysterious forces that are “available” in the current world”.

The main reasons why i treat Star Wars a fantasy-themed cycle is “The Force”. As for reference, i will bring a quote here: “Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi.

It is confirmed that the Force was used by Sith, Jedi, Rakata, Ewoks, and Nightsisters. Although there is one exception to the last ones: Nightsister Mother Talzin claimed to use non-force magic in Clone Wars, however, this was a self-claim to have “no connection to force”.

In regard to above. There are several characters in movies like Han Solo himself which referred to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s powers as “magic”. The Force vision in the universe and doings of Jedi / Sith are basically considered magic in every corner which supports my opinion. A curious fact is that there is no magic noted in books that is not force based.

Side Note: If Anakin was born from midi-chlorians shouldn’t he overcome any other adepts of the Force? He was the chosen one and it really irritated me that a mere Obi-Wan wasted him so badly.

“In darkness, cold. In light, cold. The old sun brings no heat. But there is heat in breath and life. In life, there is the Force. In the Force, there is life. And the Force is eternal.” – Sunset prayer of the Guardians of the Whills

2. Knights, Princesses, and Wizards

The second reason for the statement that star wars is a fantasy would be the presence of wizards, knights with swords (this time lightsabres) and princesses.

As for the knights i don’t get the whole idea of sabers as their main weapon. You got a blaster which can take your opponent in a second and yet you decide to fight with a sword. It’s an absurd. I believe the force was showing them the path of how to counter all of the attacks. Some Jedi had lost their hands. Why it’s easier to parry a blaster than a slow arm swing? The whole knight thing was unnecessary and led characters to ridiculous situations.

Princess Leia. There we have a princess. I will not point out the reasons why the resistance has sent their leader with the message. Either i wont say a thing about her not being a queen and the mashup of the titles. I will say that she looked cute as a prisoner of Jabba and every fantasy needs a beauty that the main character would fall for.

You know why I pointed wizards. You can go back to the point 1 and read about the magic. Lightning from the palm of the hand? Why not? It’s a fantasy.

3. The way of fantasy

The third reason would be the whole plot. How would you want the standard fantasy to start? The young main character is finding his master / wise old man and after training or in the middle of it he goes to a mission to rescue the world. He finds the princess/ love then save all people from the bad guys which result in becoming a hero. It is the same for Star Wars: a knight is trying to fight the huge bunch of dark characters who suppress and squeeze the people in the galaxy. He/she takes the path of learning (3 main characters already) and goes to rescue galaxy.. Good and evil. The undying battle between those two is the main canon in a fantasy genre. Of course, there are other plots and few twists to consider it even a high fantasy. Races? Check. Magic? Check. Sword fights? Check. ADVENTURE? CHECK.

4. Physics

No explanation of how all works. If you would have been in sci-fi book you would probably know on what kind of technology starships are working. How does the lightspeed works? How to make your own robot. Why lightsaber is working. The physics would be shown. In movies, there is no rational explanation. It just works. Star Wars is a fantasy described as an epic space opera. It is epic without any doubts. Fantasy genre leaves the field for imagination and that is made here also.

5. George Lucas

George Lucas said it is a fantasy: “I knew from the beginning that I was not doing science fiction. I was doing a space opera, a fantasy film, a mythological piece, a fairy tale. I really thought I needed to establish from the start that this was a completely made up world so that I could do anything I wanted.”

Thanks for a read!

2 Comments on “Star Wars is a Fantasy?

  1. You should have added more information about physics and falling ships. Either way good arguments and fresh look.

  2. Star Wars is definitely not “pure” science fiction. It is fantasy. Sci-fi is an extension of our real world, fantasy is stepping away from it.

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