Thor: Ragnarok – ’80s climax

Ragnarök or ragnarek – in the Scandinavian mythology – the fate of gods (Götterdämmerung). In mythological imagery, it is to be a great fight between the gods and the giants under Loki’s command, and as a result of which Asgard – the abode of the gods – will be consumed by fire, all the stars will turn black, and the great sea will flood the Earth.

MARVEL figured it out!

Someone at Marvel finally went to his senses. Not one, but two mid-rated movies regarding “Thor” were enough. The creators and decision makers of Thor Ragnarok tried to destroy unnecessary excess of seriousness and replaced it with joyous, self-ironic bomb straight from the ’80s. Ragnarok was made. Epic!

Both the first “Thor” and “Dark World” were one of the weaker links in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They were bearable but were steaming me off as the viewer. Someone finally has chilled out, cracked a can of a beer or maybe even smoked a blunt, then looked at “Deadpool” and again at the “Galactic Guardians” and finally understood. The story of a guy flying thanks to the hammer cannot be taken seriously. That’s why in this movie we did get the clear superheroic comedy directed by Taiki Waititi. Man, u made it so amusing!

Thor Lightning God

The Plot

In Thor Ragnarok – the titled god is again cornered. As usual in the heroic movies, we need a problem to be solved. The threat of Ragnarok hanging over the Asgard is already here, but Loki continues plotting his intrigues. After the death of Odin, new god arrives. Hela, the goddess of death wants to take revenge on both Loki and Thor, embrace their piece of the realm and obliterate entire Asgardians. Well, this is just the beginning of problems because Thor lands on a distant planet, on which he must fight for freedom and his life.

In my opinion, we have been served right amount of jokes, often inflated patterns usually hit the point, showing that Thor and his team have achieved self-awareness. Despite showing us a bunch of big boys and girls who are throwing energy beams, those heroes are also influenced by alcohol problems, big ego’s, and complexes – these defects shine like never before, building chemistry between characters and viewers. The action is fast paced which only builds up the neatness.

Cate Blanchett seduces the viewer with an ominous nonchalance that the most famous villains from the Disney animation would not be ashamed of. She plays perfectly a powerful, clichéd goddess armed with unimaginable power while wearing gothic make-up.

I bet the whole team was having a great time creating a colorful fairy tale about gods, aliens and a green giant. The freedom with which this festival of inflection has been achieved depreciates even the weaker jokes that are here and there, however.

Thor and Hulk

Time to sum up

I would say that the Thor Ragnarok movie should be rated higher than 7, on Filmweb. Compared to previous “Thor” parts it should get 8,5/10 grade. Due to some not completely understandable parts related to father of gods, love to the fantasy genre and very enjoyable 2 hours spent while watching the movie, im forced to give it only 9/10. Hope you enjoyed my short review. Now, go and watch the movie if you didn’t already!

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