With a Single Spell by Lawrence Watt-Evans

I would like to believe that you are one of the lucky people that just like me had an opportunity and pleasure to read “With a Single Spell” by Lawrence Watt-Evans.


It was a huge coincidence to find it on a shelf of adventure section in my little town’s library around 15 years ago. You must also understand that back then it was not so simple to find any fantasy book. Literally. Sometimes a few hours trip to other towns bookstore or library was a real-life quest for knowledge. If you have read it before I will assume that you don’t need my encouragement. You did a good job finding the book by yourself.

For those who have not yet read and are interested in it, we can start a short tour around the proper subject. Single Spell is a part of the Legends of Ethshar cycle that includes 13 novels. I have read 3 of them and gave up on others cause none continued the path of Tobas the mage. Book itself is quite thin (206 pages) but takes you to the proper dimension of fantasy/fiction. Magic systems used in the book are nowhere seen before and did give me a thrill of possibilities while reading it. I will not spoil the book as this is not my intention. Let’s say that there was a mage who had just a single spell and his (no)luck. That’s it.

In my opinion, all of the Mr. Lawrence books are worth the read nevertheless today we are talking about the “With a Sigle Spell” which I recommend with a pure heart and a grin on my face.

Thanks for a read!

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